With EngageInn your customers are able to easily sign up for updates and news that is relevant to their interests meaning that your communication is always on point! Remember engaged customers are loyal customers


Personal and relevant '2-way' text messages

EngageInn users are already keeping their customers updated about various news and events…this is just an example. Your messages and their content is entirely up to you!

Simple and easy to use interface for customers to enter their data

The tablet has been designed to make engagement a breeze. Devices are securely wall or bar top mounted and you can have multiple devices all connected to your single cloud based customer database.


Schedule your messages!

You can simply compose a message within EngageInn and define whether you want to send it straight away or send it at a set time – Perfect for when you finish at 1AM and want to sort your communication out for the rest of the week.

Organised Customer Information

No longer will you have to worry about pesky spreadsheets or GDPR compliance. With EngageInn we provide you with an easy to use interface to not only manage your customers’ data but ensure you are communicating with them in a relevant and personal manner.


Get noticed!

When your tablet is not in use by your customers, you can have it rotate any of your marketing materials to capture your customers attention and get them to sign up! Some of our customers use it to promote new food deals and some even promote who won the quiz last week. Keep your customers informed easily within EngageInn.


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